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13 Planets: The Latest View Of The Solar System (national Geographic Kids)

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13 Planets The Latest View Of The Solar
ASIN: 1426307705

National Geographic Children's Books

Author: David A. Aguilar

My children want to reveal to you a great child's book titled 13 Planets: The Latest View Of The Solar. Written by David A. Aguilar and it was published on the 8th of March, 2011 by National Geographic Children's Books. The children's book has 64 pages. To buy a copy at the lowest price, check out the button on this page.

First, Pluto left. Back-of-the-book activities offer hands-on fun for budding astronomers. The recent actions with the International Astronomical Union have put every solar system book out of date. and now Haumea and Make Make, too! Using simple text and spectacular photorealistic computer art by the author, this book profiles all 13 planets in their newly created categories — plus the sun, the Oort Cloud, comets, and other worlds being discovered. Then it came back, along with Ceres and Eris. In response, National Geographic joins forces with David Aguilar from the Harvard Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory to revise our 2008 book — and to update young readers on the high-interest topic of space.


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